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Dragon Cleaning Services – Terms & Conditions

By booking our services, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions. If you have any questions or queries about these terms of service, please contact us on 07415 270 859 or email us at

Regular Window Cleaning
1 – We define a regular window cleaning service as every 1 or 2 months.
2 – We will clean the frames, panes, doors & sills on your property.
3 – Where agreed within your booking, we’ll clean any extension or conservatory windows and doors (not including the conservatory roof, this is charged as a separate service).
4 – Building dirt, such as paint, varnish, cement, limescale etc cannot be cleaned as part of a standard regular window clean, but we can provide a specific quote for this service.
5 – We use the Pure Water Fed Pole method of cleaning. Meaning your windows will be left to dry naturally, and will be spotless when dry. We do not squeegee windows dry.
6 – We offer a 48 hour guarantee against dirt. This includes if the windows do not dry spotless, a bird makes a mess or if a storm makes them dirty again. You must let us know within 48 hours of your clean if there are any issues.
7 – Windows are cleaned at the customer’s own risk. They must be structurally sound and be free from leaks. You must inform us of any defects prior to your service.

Gutter Clearance
8 – We will clear debris from your gutters and ensure your downpipes are clear and flowing correctly.
9 – Where possible, we will require access to a power supply. If this is not possible, we carry a generator.
10 – We will take before & after images of the gutters which will be emailed to you after the work is completed.
11 – The customer will be required to provide a suitable place to dispose of the debris. A charge of £10 will be made if we are required to dispose of it ourselves. We have a waste carrier license to carry organic waste which can be viewed on request.
12 – We cannot carry out gutter repairs, we suggest finding a roof and gutter installation specialist to do this. This includes broken or leaking joints and uneven guttering. We will point out any issues that we come across and take images for your reference.

Gutter, Fascia & Soffit Washing
13 – We will wash down all of your gutters, downpipes, fascia, soffits and gables, where it is safe to access.
14- We will take a before & after image to send to you once the work is complete.
15 – Gutters, fascia & soffits easily stain with dirt and limescale. We cannot always remove all dirt caused by this

Internal Window Cleaning
16 – Internal window cleaning involves the cleaning of all internal to external windows, frames and doors.
17 – It does not include the rails of an open windows, this is charged as a separate job.
18 – The customer must clear all the window sills prior to cleaning.
19 – Internal window cleaning must be arranged in advance.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning
20 – Conservatory roof cleaning is charged as a separate service to window cleaning.
21 – We will clean the apex, frames, roof surface, gutters, fascia and windows of the conservatory.
22 – Conservatory plastics are easily stained by dirt. In some cases this is not able to be fully removed.
23 – We must be able to access all sides of the conservatory.
24 – If we are unable to access parts of the conservatory, it may not be fully cleaned. We will inform you if this is the case.

Before Your Clean
25 – We will send a text message the night before each clean by 8pm.
26 – Postponements/cancellations must be made by 8.30am on the day of the clean. Postponements/cancellations made after this time will be charged in full, as we cannot fill your space.
27 – You can cancel or postpone your service by replying to our email or text message or let us know before by contacting us on 07415 270 859 or
28 – If you postpone your clean, the rearranged clean must happen within 5 working days of your original slot, or you will be reverted back to your next scheduled clean, and will still be charged.
29 – We will clean your windows on the planned day, however, there may be occasions where we will need to rearrange due to circumstances beyond our control. We will inform you by email/SMS if this happens.
30 – We cannot postpone due to weather. We work in all weathers unless it is impractical or unsafe to do so. If you wish to postpone due to the weather, you will be reverted to your next scheduled clean and will be charged in full for the postponed clean.

On The Day Of Your Clean
31 – Your gate must be left unlocked for access to the rear of your property.
32 – Full access must be available, we are unable to move obstacles such as plant pots and bins etc.
33 – We will not clean any windows, gutters or surfaces that we decide are inaccessible or are unsafe on the day of your clean.
34 – If we cannot access any windows due to obstacles or inaccessibility, it will not be cleaned, but you will be charged 100% full price.
35 – All cleaning is completed with pure water and is left to dry naturally.
36 – We clean in most weathers, unless it is unsafe to do so. We will inform you if we need to rearrange your clean.

48 Hour Clean Guarantee
37 – We offer a 48 hour clean guarantee.
38 – If there are any issues within the following 48 hours of your clean, please contact us.
39 – This includes issues with the clean, such as missed windows (not caused by inaccessibility), spotting, storm dirt, bird mess and other cleaning issues.
40 – You must inform us of any issues within 48 hours of your clean by contacting us on 07415 270 859 or emailing
41 – Any issues reported after 48 hours after your clean will not be covered by our 48 hour clean guarantee.

Pricing & Payments – Regular Window Cleaning
42 – Your quote is valid for 3 months.
43 – All prices include any VAT required to be paid.
44 – Payments are made by monthly Direct Debit, through our provider GoCardless.
45 – GoCardless must be setup before regular cleaning can commence.
46 – Our minimum contract term is 4 months (4 monthly payments, not including your “First Clean” payment).
47 – Your “First Clean” payment will be charged after your first clean has been completed.
48 – After your first clean is complete, you will be charged your monthly price on the 1st of every month, or the next working day if this falls on a holiday or weekend.
49 – Our services will not continue if there is any outstanding payments on your account.
50 – Returned Direct Debit payments will incur a charge of £3. This is to cover the cost we face when a Direct Debit payment is returned. We will contact you if this happens to arrange alternative payment of your balance.
51 – Occasionally we may need to alter the prices of our services. We will give you at least 2 months notice before making these changes.
52 – In the event of a dispute, it is the responsibility of the customer to prove that payment has already been made.

Pricing & Payments – One-Off Services
53 – Your quote is valid for 3 months.
54 – A deposit of 20% must be made on bookings over £300.
55 – Payment is due by Bank Transfer within 3 days after the completion of the agreed work.
56 – We reserve the right to add additional fees for late payments or to cover debt recovery costs.
57 – In the event of a dispute, it is the responsibility of the customer to prove that payment has already been made.

Cancellation of Contract
58 – You can cancel your contract with us at any time by calling 07415 270 859 or email us at
59 – If you are within your minimum 4 monthly payment term, we will make a final charge to cover the minimum term.
60 – We reserve the right to terminate your contract at any time for any reason.
61 – Customers who have cancelled their services will not be eligible for any current or future introductory offers, including any refer a friend benefits.
62 – After the minimum 4 month period, any credit left on the account over the value of one month’s payment can be refunded by Bank Transfer. We’ll let you know if you are eligible for a credit refund when you cancel.

These terms & conditions we last reviewed on 12th January 2024.

If you continue with our service, you agree to our terms & conditions, which will also be sent to you when you sign-up.

Changes to these terms will be communicated by email.